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Chicken Coop

What’s Upstairs?

A perceptive young reader wants to know: “What is upstairs in the chicken house?”

This week, Le Vignaud Productions sets out to tell the story:

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Chicken Coop

Shutters Opened

What can you make from a couple of palettes? Almost anything!

Here’s the new chicken coop, made from recuperated palette wood- Even the nails were recuperated! Total cost: about 3 euros for brackets and screws… It’s traditional acadian-french style with clapboard siding and trim. The roof is angled to the south so that the sun does not make the interior too hot, and is equipped with a rain water recuperator… This will be the home of ecologically conscious chickens! Inside we have some comfy hay (certified bio from our field), and nice perchoirs for sleepy chickens at night time… now just have to find some lovely inhabitants. Can’t wait for eggs! (more…)