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May, 2012:


In the Chicken Coop

We have chickens! Does that mean it’s a farm yet???

Actually this is a little bit old news, since they have been with us now for two weeks- but I wanted to give them some time to adjust before they got the paparazzi routine… Now they are happily adjusted, enjoying their freedom, and pecking around the garden… no eggs yet, but we will give them a little more time to come up with the rent before we kick them out.



Chris Farmer

Inspiration of the Day:

When Chris was 20 years old, he realized that he had never eaten a single thing that he knew where it came from. At 22, he helped start an organic vegetable farm outside of Olympia, WA. Three years later, for family reasons, he moved back to the Carolinas, and soon thereafter, moved to Earthaven Ecovillage, a 320 acre intentional community outside of Black Mountain, NC, with a dream of one day clearing his own farm field. He will be sharing a presentation about a small 12 x12 Microhut that he designed and built of the wood that came from the field he helped to clear.

Les Ternes (Pionnat): Or, five MORE reasons I love spring in the Creuse (edit)


Cloudy Skies Over Castles


La Massacre

Over the years that I have been coming to La Creuse and in particular over the past few years that I have called it my home, there have been plenty of opportunities for laughter and happiness… There have also been many times of sadness, some tears, heartache, and loss. Some of those times have unfortunately involved death- the death of family, the death of friends… and now animals.

The death of animals on the farm is not generally something that given much thought or notice. Animals are raised and sacrificed for our means, pets come and go. It’s simply a fact of life. That is the way things are, and the way they always will be… But in this case, there was something more than just the loss of life – in this case just the lives of a few chickens – It was the loss of an ideal.


Chicken Coop

Shutters Opened

What can you make from a couple of palettes? Almost anything!

Here’s the new chicken coop, made from recuperated palette wood- Even the nails were recuperated! Total cost: about 3 euros for brackets and screws… It’s traditional acadian-french style with clapboard siding and trim. The roof is angled to the south so that the sun does not make the interior too hot, and is equipped with a rain water recuperator… This will be the home of ecologically conscious chickens! Inside we have some comfy hay (certified bio from our field), and nice perchoirs for sleepy chickens at night time… now just have to find some lovely inhabitants. Can’t wait for eggs! (more…)

Spring in Les Verrines…

It’s definitely spring! In La Creuse, that usually means a lot of gray, rainy days… But there’s a good bit of sunshine mixed in and when the sun shines, even for a brief moment, it’s amazing. The color of green everywhere is intense, some kind of shade of green which can’t really be described or captured in pixels… You will just have to come see for yourself.

This Must Be The Place

Inspiration of the Day:

There’s no place like home. It’s where we live, work and dream. It’s our sanctuary and our refuge. We can love them or hate them. It can be just for the night or for the rest of our lives. But whoever we may be, we all have a place we call home.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is a series of short films that explore the idea of home; what makes them, how they represent us, why we need them.

Produced and directed by Ben Wu and David Usui,
of Lost & Found Films (lostfoundfilms.com).

Market Day


Spring Cleaning

Just a few smaller projects happening, getting the yard cleaned up and ready for spring/summer… The garden is underway, still lots of digging to do though… The weather is warming up fast and the ground is starting to dry… The chicken coop turned out to be a more thorough project than I had intended, but it should be finished soon. The girls are arriving next week.

I had been stumbling down the little hill on the side of the house for long enough and I decided it was time to finally put in some stairs down to the garden. Of course the old fence had to go as well, and when the fence was gone it was clear the whole rock wall needed to be rebuilt. One thing led to another and a simple project turned into a few days of hard work! After two days of hauling boulders around, I could hardly move! Then it was time to break down some palettes to turn them into a reclaimed wood fence to finish the deal… Yeah Anika, I finally used the wood you and Josie broke last year!

Now back to digging… Planting tomorrow! (more…)

Handmade Houses

Inspiration of the day:

outsider architecture

In 1967, on the Esalen Institute's property in Big Sur, California, jewelry designer Goph Albitz was mining the possibilities of outsider architecture for himself and drawing inspiration from old Esalen buildings such as the Waterfall House and Selig Morgenrath's design of the Fritz Perls House.