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June, 2012:

Gardening in May and June

Back in the end of May I had just arrived in Les Verrines- a bit later than planned- but just in time to get going on the Garden. The rest of May and almost all of June was spent with fork in hand, breaking the hard dirt, pulling out the grass and stones, and turning the soil over again and again until it was ready for seeds… Now almost two months later, the hard work is starting to show, the sore muscles are forgotten, and the bare wet land starts to look a little greener. (more…)

Mass at Mas Saint-Jean

June 26 is the name day of Saint Jean to which the tiny chapel in Mas St. Jean is dedicated. Every year, once a year, on Saint Jean’s day, the chapel is opened up, dusted off, and a mass is held (outside since the congregation has outgrown the chapel’s size) under the great Tilleul tree which stretches over the tiny tiled roof. I’m probably not the most devout Catholic, but I had never seen the inside of the little chapel, and I had a few sins to wash off my hands anyway- so one warm Sunday in the end of June, I headed down the dirt path through the woods to Mas St. Jean to attend my first mass in a few years. This is everything church should be! Warm weather, fresh air, SUNSHINE, friendly greetings, and of course, the obligatory goûter afterwards…

New Family Member!!!

Les Verrines is one member bigger! We have a new family member!

He doesn’t have a name yet! Any suggestions??? (more…)

Cerises Chez Jaques

Basket of Cherries

June is Cherry month in La Creuse… for a few precious weeks the trees throughout the countryside are filled with beautiful pink blossoms. Then, almost all at once the cherries are ripe- and then are gone. For a few days in early June we eat all the cherries we can stand- one’s yearly cherry ration in the matter of a few hours! Whatever is not eaten, packed into delicious Clafoutis, or sterilized into jars, will either rot or be taken by the birds if it’s not gathered fast enough… So Jaques called one day asking if I could come by that very afternoon for Cherry Picking- it was either now or never since the birds were already getting full! If we waited even a day longer they would be gone… So, I cancelled my plans for that afternoon and we headed to Eguzon gather all the cherries we could. (more…)

Le Poil et la Plume

Inspiration of the Day:

A friend, inspired by my new feathered companions, recently loaned me a book written by Annie Dupery- a Parisian actress relocated to la Creuse… In Le Poil et la Plume she describes eloquently her reasons for relocating to this ‘forgotten’ part of the country, and her endeavors raising both chickens and cats (Fur and Feathers) in her rural garden… The opening text of her book puts it perfectly, (in words better than I can conjure) so I have left them in the original French (rough English translation follows). (more…)

What’s Upstairs?

A perceptive young reader wants to know: “What is upstairs in the chicken house?”

This week, Le Vignaud Productions sets out to tell the story:

[stream base=x:/www.seekingfocus.com/levignaud/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/ flv=CHICKENS.flv img=20120605_5898-620×411.jpg embed=true share=true width=620 height=350 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]