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Chicken Coop

Shutters Opened

What can you make from a couple of palettes? Almost anything!

Here’s the new chicken coop, made from recuperated palette wood- Even the nails were recuperated! Total cost: about 3 euros for brackets and screws… It’s traditional acadian-french style with clapboard siding and trim. The roof is angled to the south so that the sun does not make the interior too hot, and is equipped with a rain water recuperator… This will be the home of ecologically conscious chickens! Inside we have some comfy hay (certified bio from our field), and nice perchoirs for sleepy chickens at night time… now just have to find some lovely inhabitants. Can’t wait for eggs! (more…)

Spring Cleaning

Just a few smaller projects happening, getting the yard cleaned up and ready for spring/summer… The garden is underway, still lots of digging to do though… The weather is warming up fast and the ground is starting to dry… The chicken coop turned out to be a more thorough project than I had intended, but it should be finished soon. The girls are arriving next week.

I had been stumbling down the little hill on the side of the house for long enough and I decided it was time to finally put in some stairs down to the garden. Of course the old fence had to go as well, and when the fence was gone it was clear the whole rock wall needed to be rebuilt. One thing led to another and a simple project turned into a few days of hard work! After two days of hauling boulders around, I could hardly move! Then it was time to break down some palettes to turn them into a reclaimed wood fence to finish the deal… Yeah Anika, I finally used the wood you and Josie broke last year!

Now back to digging… Planting tomorrow! (more…)

A New Garden

Konrad, Anika, and Josie had just just shown up to spend a few days kickin’ back and enjoying the French countryside. I didn’t wait long to put them to work cleaning one of the last of the ‘big messes’ that had been bothering me since we arrived! (more…)

Stone and Glass (New Stairs)

The New Stairs

Finally Finished!

Those things are better which are perfected by nature than those which are finished by art.

Back in February when we cleared out the yard, we built some steps up the front path near the mailbox. Still, on the opposite side of the yard near the house, there was another drop-off with no proper way down. I always felt bad when Jeneane would come over and she couldn’t come down into the lower yard. If she wanted to come into the house she had to go the long way around through the driveway. I had been promising her I’d build some stairs to get down to the house since probably November or December. This is the story of Jeneane’s stairs.