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Mouse Creek Falls and Midnight Hole

More hiking in the mountains. Another green forest, another little river, and more tired legs. This time at least we got to go swimming at one of my favorite swimming holes. Midnight hole is filled with beautiful deep clear water and is surrounded by big boulders you can dive from. The water is COLD though, but after a day of hiking it can be really refreshing jump in for a few minutes. We also made it to Mouse Creek Falls, which is along the same trail.

Midnight Hole

Lena at Midnight Hole

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Max Patch

Photos from Max Patch. Max patch is a naturally-occurring bald mountain on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. The Appalachian Trail crosses over the top of the hill, and there are beautiful clear views of the surrounding mountains. We were lucky again and found huge patches of juicy ripe blackberries on the hillsides.

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Lena in the Forest

I think in this moment, Lena is beginning to wonder why we brought her to the woods.

A few photos from hiking in the Appalachian Mountains in Smoky Mountains National Park, near Cherokee, North Carolina. It was a beautiful walk through green forest, along a small creek. We wanted to swim, but the water was so cold. It felt great on the aching feet towards the end of the hike though. We made Lena walk 7 miles that day, and she started getting a little cranky. But she made it in the end, all the way back to the car.

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