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Burning Man (Summer Road Trip Part 3)

Black Rock City, NV

People Gathered Around "Bliss Dance" by Marco Cochrane

Surprisingly, it seems there’s little in the way of words to tell about Burning Man. This was what we had driven 3,000 miles across the country in an old Jeep for. A week in the desert with 51,454 other crazy people. No food and no water, other than what you bring with. No showers, No Air-Conditioning… What’s not to love? Amazingly, this would prove to be only the beginning of what was shaping up to be a pretty incredible summer road trip…

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Lena enjoying her first Root Beer

Sunday afternoon, there was a small music festival in Asheville, the nearest city to my mom’s house in the mountains. We decided to get out of the woods for a day to give Lena’s little feet a rest, and to see what the big city had to offer. Lena got her first root beer in an American diner, and her first Mardi Gras beads (even though we were 1,000 miles from New Orleans) all in the same day.

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