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Yellowstone & The Tetons (Summer Road Trip Part 6)

Portland, OR – Butte, MT – Yellowstone National Park, WY – Grand Teton National Park, WY

Mountain Homestead

Following Portland, we headed back east, over the continental divide and the Rockies. We found ourselves early the next morning in Butte, Montana, perhaps the most surreal stop of the whole journey (check the photos)… Then, we spent a few days in Yellowstone and got a taste of fall just around the corner. I think this was Lena’s favorite part of the trip, and she seemed to really love all the bubbling mud, geysers, and steam vents making noise all over the place. Plus, she was REALLY happy to know that buffalo still existed and that they hadn’t been hunted to extinction! Just south from Yellowstone we passed through the beautifully photographic Teton Range and into Grand Teton National Park where the aspens were already beginning to show their fall colors.

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