Isla del Sol

Isla del Sol

Lake Titicaca is like the sea and its islands are strongly reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes. The lake seems to be endless and to extend further and further into the distance like the sea. Its water is deep blue on sunny days and sometimes even on its beaches clear turquoise. The fact that we decided to stay in this atmospheric and stunningly beautiful landscape on the islands of Lake Titicaca was of course inevitable!

The fact that we had ever come to Bolivia has been discussed by us very long and detailed, should in the end, prove to be very good and happy decision. Jason as an American citizen had to pay a $130 Visa on the Bolivian border. Apparently, the Bolivians are not very happy with the Americans lately. This fact, made us consider a very long time, whether it is really worth while to enter Bolivia only to see the Isla del Sol. I think in hindsight we are both very happy to have paid the money, since in the end it was really worth it!

On the Boat to Isla del Sol

Cute Ones!

The Isla del Sol turned out to be a little vacation from a vacation. With nothing to do but bathe in the sun during the day, to sit on the beach or at the pier and watch people pass by. Time to forget and simply stare at the sea-lake. The only thing, which pulls you out of the illusion of the Mediterranean, is the daily wish to swim in the lake (which is so blue and clear before you) ...

Cow in the Lake

However, even to put your little toe in the water made you quickly remember, that you, Despite the heat and blazing sun, were on a lake, at 4000m altitude and therefore the water is very cold. Only in moments, when a dirty pig passes on the beach or a cow wades by in the water, one becomes aware, that one is more likely in South America, than in Greece or Italy.

Die GERMANS in Bolivia

We also enjoyed in Bolivia once again the company of many other travelers. The Isla del Sol seems to be the backpacker mecca of South American vagabond: Here one encounters clownish street performers, singing Hare-Krishnas, sweet truffle-selling Chileans, And of course: German scroungers. Bolivia, at least the small part, we have seen, seemed something completely different than Peru, although both countries are only separated by an imaginary border from one another. In Bolivia, there seems to be a lot more young alternative travelers, than in Peru. This can sometimes, as I had to realize, to get on your nerves, however, turned out to be very positive. Both island and landscape, as well as the people on the Isla del Sol in Bolivia were very good to us…

Boats at Sunset

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