Llachon and Isla Taquille

Our Lovely Hosts

After Christmas had passed, we were more than ready to escape from Puno. Our main reason for coming to this region was to visit some of the local traditional communities in the area around the lake. Our first stop was to the Capachica Penninsula, where there are a handfull of tiny communities hugging the rocky mountains wich rise up out of the lake. Besides being nestled in such a gorgeous and untouched landscape, these communities are very infrequently touristed and the only accomodation available on the penninsula is homestay- which of course, is much of the fun!

Boat on the Lake at Sunset

In Llachon, we stayed at the home of the amicable and friendly Felix Turpo Coila. The place itself was beautiful, built by Felix and his sons on a rocky outcrop with fantastic views of Lake Titikaka and Isla Taquille. His wife was very quiet, but appeared now and then to cook us delicious home-cooked meals from fresh local ingrediants such as Quinua and Ispi (a local fish). We spent an incredibly relaxing few days in Llachon doing nothing but sitting on the beach staring at the lake, climbing hills, and eating great food. This was quite a departure than what we have become accustomed to throughout this trip so far!

Colorful Mode of Transportation

From Llachon, Felix arranged our transportation by a small fishing boat to the nearby Island of Taquille. This was definitely off the beaten tourist track, and along the way we hauled in nets full of Mauri as we slowly made our way across the lake! We spent one quiet night in Isla Taquille before heading back across the lake to Puno.

Children at the Arch on Taquille

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2 Comments on "Llachon and Isla Taquille"

  1. avatar
    Natalie Matushenko
    21/03/2012 at 14:17 Permalink

    Thanks for the info. We are planning a trip to Lake Titicaca with 3 children in tow and thought to use Llachon as a base to explore some of the smaller islands. Was it freezing cold at night?

  2. avatar
    22/03/2012 at 15:47 Permalink

    Hi Natalie!

    Yes, if I remember correctly it did get fairly cold at night. Not freezing, but cold at least compared to the days. It’s quite high altitude-wise and sometimes it was very windy near the lake. Still, the days were nice and warm! I can definitely recommend Felix and his kind family. You will be comfortable there if you stay in Llachon and he can assist you to find boats to some of the nearby islands.

    Isla Taquille is also worth staying over for a night as well.

    Have fun!


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