Zephyrs Baseball

Baseball is one of the sports, that is typically American. (In addition to football, of course),. However, I always found football terribly stupid and dumb: A bunch of great guys, they clash against each other in their armor, making funny noises. Baseball, meanwhile, had at least raised the level of my fascination, the one sport in general that can be interesting. Sport was simply never my thing to begin with. But for some reason I always found far more aesthetic Baseball than Football. As matter of neccessity, I had to bring Jason as a true American on my true-America trip to a baseball game. The French were of course, totally exited to see it, however, every American, we told that we would finally see as Europeans our first baseball game, just shook thier head sympathetically. But this was probably because, that it is a game of the Zephyrs (Baseball team from New Orleans) ,, than it really was aimed against baseball in general. We succeeded, however, on our second try to finally enjoy a game. The first attempt failed miserably, because there was predicted for that evening a storm. Where it however so do not look after a storm: Blue sky over New Orleans and not a cloud in the sky in sight. Well, if they think there is a storm, then just do not play! The second attempt was successful, fortunately, since what would it have been for a loss not to have to participated in this spectacle. So, what can say about a baseball game in general?! It starts already with the fact, that many baseball games may last for ages. And I mean not only an eternity (figuratively), but an actual eternity. A game can easily take the four hours! At the beginning of the game are Jason still had to give a crash course in terms of rules. Then we can begin! The first few minutes to half an hour passed quickly, and the interest in the game is certainly present. Then the game takes its endless course: “Boring!” If you want to scream in Homer Simpsons words. It remains however silent and one would rather buy a hot dog , than simply watch?

Okay, I must confess: It wasn't too bad. I've felt in parts quite entertained. The boredom in between is not the fault of the sport of baseball, but is probably rather my non-existing interest in sports in general. Each person, who travels in the States and hopes to experience a baseball game, I hope for him, that it lasts less than four hours!

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