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Lena and the Bear

OH, I have been waiting for weeks to be able to post this one!! I was so happy that we got this nice photo of sleepy Lena with the nice American bears. Doesn’t she look so happy to be finally in the United States??

Lena found a nice friend on her first day in the United States!

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Toccoa, Georgia

After an eighteen hour ride on the train from New York, we arrived in a little town called Toccoa, somewhere in northern Georgia. There wasn’t much there, and at 06:00 in the morning the little town was totally empty. My mom was waiting for us at the station, and snapped a couple quick photos of the exhausted travelers. We had been traveling now for three full days, and were ready for sleep. Unfortunately, we still had another two hours in the car to my mom’s house before we would be able to rest…

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Willkommen in New York

Egal, wen man fragt, was man unbedingt gesehen haben muss, wenn man einen Trip in die Staaten macht, lautet die Antwort ziemlich eindeutig “New York!”. Ich kann dazu aus meinem Erfahrungsschatz nur sagen: New York ist so eine der schlimmsten Städte, die man sich vorstellen kann, wenn man vollkommen übernächtigt ist und die pralle Sonne auf einen niederbrennt!

Nach einer schrecklichen Nacht am New Yorker Flughafen, kamen wir um 8:00 morgens in New York City an. Über die Fahrt vom Flughafen in die Stadt hinein wollen wir gar nicht erst anfangen zu sprechen: Ich sag nur völlig überfüllte U-Bahn umgeben von auf ein niederprasselnden neuen Eindrücken in Form von Menschen und Werbung…

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Fear of Flying

So here is our first post on our shiny new website!

The trip was long and stressful… We spent 72 hours traveling: First on a train, then an all-night bus, then two planes, a night in JFK airport, finished off by one long 18 hour train ride on Amtrak to arrive in an empty train station in some place called Toccoa, Georgia at 06:00 in the morning.

But, in the end we made it! No major problems, although Lena lost her beloved brown Cardigan, I ended up with a broken back from sitting for too long, and Lena thought she was going to die when the plane started bouncing up and down somewhere high above Canada…

Nothing much more to write about that, so I will just post a few photos from the long journey from Germany to the United States…

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