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A Walk in the Village

Some photos from around the village in early June. The weather was finally starting to really warm up, the grass was green, and the gardens were growing.

The Edge of the Village

The Edge of the Village


The House in Spring

But the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, re-creating the world…
-Henry David Thoreau

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May Gardening Update

Garden View, 16 May

Garden View, 16 May

May was a big month for gardening. The last of the frosts were finally past, the weather became warmer, and the plants (along with the weeds) started growing quickly. Tomatoes and Peppers were in the ground, we ate more salad than anyone cares to remember, and already peas, radishes, and carrots were growing fast. Also, lots of seeds that were planted in the cold frame in April were ready for transplanting to their definitive locations in the garden. Wildflowers were blooming and the world was waking up from hibernation. By the end of the month, I already had far more vegetables than I could eat or giveaway. It was a great feeling, particularly knowing that there was much more on the way.


Lac du Vignaud

Alex and Jessica ditching work at the lake one beautiful spring day in early May.

I was the only one brave enough to jump in that day… it had been five years since I last had the chance and I wasn’t waiting any longer.


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