Lena’s x-mas present from ol’ Père Noël. He even brought a hot water heater and a shower too.

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Les Coqs

Best Friends.

Best Friends.

The wonderfully cuddly poussains that had hatched in spring were now all grown up. The chicken house which was built with only three chickens in mind was over crowded (we now had 17!). Anyone entering the backyard was greeting by a mass of chickens running up pecking for grains… The situation was out of control and had to be dealt with. We were hungry… It seemed there was only one thing left to do… Continue reading

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A Day in the Fog

Apple Tree in the FogSometimes the fog seems to define autumn in La Creuse… but there is some kind of a haunting beauty to those really foggy days.
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August Garden

Day's Harvest
August was a month of harvesting. The months of work digging and preparing the land, planting and maintaining the gardens throughout the summer, and watering through the dry months were starting to pay off. The caves were filled with kilos of potatoes, onions, shallots, beets, and carrots for the winter. Continue reading

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Foire Agricole Dun-le-Palastel

It’s just one féte after the next in Creuse, and each one even more exciting that the last! Check out the Foire Agricole in Dun-le-Palastel… This was definitely a day of good wholesome entertainment. (And lots of cows…)

Beautiful Limousin Pedigree
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Saint Sulpice en Fête

Yes, it’s that time of year again. August is time for les vacances, and it’s also the time of year when we Sulpiciens dust off our flea market table, oil up the rifle, tune up the tractor, grab a case of beer, and head down to la fête.

Frederik Contemplating his Chances
Contemplating his Chances

Frederik was visiting from Denmark and just had to have a go at the shooting arcade… The first bullet hit three balloons at once, and we were ready to haul off that giant teddy bear. Apparently, there was some kind of catch- only one point per ROUND. So we only got a Che Guevera lighter…

Frederik at the Shooting Gallery

Off to have a drink then, check out the flea market, heckle the mini misses and mini misters, and then… the smell of diesel fuel and motor oil fills the air. It’s THE TRACTOR PARADE!

Tractor Parade

Some say, tractors resemble their owners. Or is it the other way around?

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Our new family member has settled in nicely… Growing quickly. Keeping our feet warm at night. And pays rent in rodent control! Plus, he does add a much needed cute presence to the Les Verrines landscape… He’s our little Filou.

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The long awaited sequal to: What’s Upstairs by Le Vignaud Productions.

The story of a young chicken named Tchitchi… who grew up so fast! Our little baby Tchitchi is now a mother! She had six little baby chicks hatch- We’re so proud!

More Photos…
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July Gardening in Les Verrines

In July, all the hard work in the garden in May and June finally started to pay off. Plenty of rain and sunshine got the garden growing fast and green… and we were finally able to enjoy our first harvests! We have more food than we know what to do with- and so much more to come! It’s a really great feeling looking around you, knowing that you have raised enough food to live on and even better- that it was all grown without ANY chemicals, and all right in our own back yard! SO MANY VEGETABLES! Continue reading

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“The Saints” in La Sout’

Brought to you by the 5th annual “Journée Estivale du Washboard” in La Souterraine… Who knew one could feel so close to home, so far away?

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