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Les Verrines from Above

Les Verrines from Above

Les Verrines from Above

120 degrees of Les Verrines. (The view from my office.)

In the initial view of the QTVR (below), if one imagines the roof from the neighbor’s house in the bottom right isn’t there, most of what you see is our land. You can get a good idea of the size and layout of the property (Front garden, side vegetable gardens, field and forest behind) in relation to the house. The house is at the far edge of the village, a bit off the road, tucked behind some other buildings.

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SHIFT to zoom in, CTRL to zoom out, arrow keys to look around 😉

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  1. Carol says:

    Not sure of what I looking at but it all looks wonderful and interesting to say the least. SSSSOOOO how are u and Lena doing????? So many plans to make before your wedding ??? !!!! Are u all still having many guest? I know your mom would love to have to be there bbbuuttt, it is what it is !!!!!! Take care, I love getting the updates and pictures. Take care hugs love Carol and family

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