It’s Maude.


Our new grey Toulouse goose. She’s more blue than gray for now, since her feathers haven’t grown in yet, but she’s already claimed her place as queen of the barnyard.

That’s Sweet & Sour in the background.

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4 Responses to It’s Maude.

  1. Donna Caire says:

    What happened?

  2. Le Vignaud Commune d'Anzême says:

    Hi Donna- We're not really sure… She had a swollen foot for a few days, and had trouble walking. After three days or so it was better, she was walking around and eating and the swelling had disappeared so we thought she had made it through. The next day she was very tired, wouldn't eat or drink, and died that same night… We are thinking it might have been a snake bite.

    Lena was really broken up though! We got really attached to Maude in just a few weeks since we've had her around… She was super sweet and cute, ate lettuce out of our hands and came running and peeping when we came in the back yard. It feels really empty without her, even though we still have plenty of other animals running around! It's funny how much you can learn/grow from being around animals… We miss her a lot!

  3. Donna Caire says:

    Yes, sorry to hear. I remember Izzy's ducklings and how they mimicked EVERYTHING their adopted mama duck did. They were so cute….

  4. Donna Caire says:

    Haven't heard much about the wedding, got any pictures?

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