Eule’s Poussins

Eule with her Poussins

The new arrivals just keep on coming in Les Verrines- Just a few weeks after receiving our wonderful Easter present, one of our poussins from last year has now become a mom! Eule hatched eight beautiful fluffy little chicks who are now bumbling happily around the yard… Our chicken army has now reached it’s highest enrollment levels ever, now topping out at twenty-one! It’s been good to see all three generations together- Plus, we’ve confirmed that our cock has been doing his duties properly!

Eule’s been going about her motherly duties wonderfully, finding worms and teaching the little ones the ins and outs of being a chicken… However, Eule’s first day out in the yard proved that becoming a mother chicken might have a slight learning curve:

The little ones have since learned not to follow too close in their mother’s footsteps, and to wait for her clucking call when there’s some tasty morsel to be had.

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