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The Biggest Courgette

Every year in the summer, the gardens are full of plenty of fresh vegetables of all kinds- Even though we had no garden of our own this year, the neighbors are always happy to help out and ensure that we get our daily ration of veggies. Perhaps the most prolific of all is the lowly courgette (zucchini)… They come in all shapes and sizes, for all tastes and purposes. Throughout the whole summer, there are courgettes all over the village and they grow so fast, no one can possibly eat them all. Needless to say, we went through a LOT of courgettes over this summer and have had to literally invent new ways to eat them- Courgette bread, courgette jam, courgette clafoutis, courgette soup, courgette gratin, and the list goes on!

This year’s prize for the biggest courgette EVER goes to Sebastian who brought me this giant- just in time for our new visitors’ arrival! Lucky them. It took five people at least three meals to eat this whole monster!

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