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Le Vignaud on Fire

Last September Jason got an email from an old friend about a little stone house in France. Wearing his blue suit and with two suitcases he set off on an adventure. A year later, none of us really know what’s going to happen to that house. We usually don’t even know what’s happening with Jason…

Jason’s decision set off a series of events and adventures in my own life, which most recently took to me to the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. Burning Man was my own experience, but I still paid homage to its origin in my life.

On the base of the Man

On the base of the Man

One of the first things I did after arriving to Burning Man was walk over to the giant wooden effigy and leave my mark in Le Vignaud Blue. Nearly a week later, after the Man was just a pile of burning and smoldering ashes I threw in a 200 year old piece of oak, taken from an old roof beam in Le Vignaud.

At first I wasn’t sure why I put this memorial at the Man instead of the Temple. I think it’s because although Jason’s role in Le Vignaud may soon be at an end, the village itself and the few people living there will keep on truckin’. And who knows, maybe being burned with the Man as a symbol of rebirth will prove to be a bit of good luck for the little commune.


  1. The Owner of Le Vignaud says:

    Apparently Jason thought that by stealing most of my belongings from my home,( i.e. the house in Le Vignaud and the house in the nearby village in which I allowed him to initially stay for free), as well as the actual deed to the property, he would somehow be able to take possession of it. This turned out not to be the case. Hence the trip to Bosnia.

    Jason is now wanted in France on charges of theft and breaking and entering, among other things. He is wanted in Germany on other charges. Maybe eventually the EU will catch up with him. In the meantime, if you have donated to the “Le Vignaud project”, be assured that your hard earned cash is being spent supporting a criminal who is far too infused with his own importance to actually work for a living or honor commitments, as perhaps you do.

    Love and (pause for dramatic affect) life,
    the real owner of the house in Le Vignaud (Penelope)

    1. Jason says:

      Hi Pen,

      Glad you finally found the Le Vignaud website… Hopefully in a few years when you finally cool down a bit you will be able to return here to take a bit of time to browse and form a more complete opinion of what has happened (and indeed, still continues to happen here!). It’s a very beautiful thing that I am very happy to say MANY people were a part of and I believe were GLAD to be a part of. That includes many of my friends and family yes, but also the Villagers (the residents of Le Vignaud), who in my opinion are even more important. It is in their eyes that I see the positive effects the entire project has made, and it is in their feelings and opinions that I base my pride… They have been wonderfully supportive of the project and in fact continue to support and cherish the positive impact it has made.

      You must eventually come to understand that the Le Vignaud project actually has very little to do with the pile of stones that you happen to claim ownership to… It’s true beauty lies in the land, in the people, and in the sharing and creating. That will continue untouched by material influences, no matter what your desires. You can not kill an idea. You are only throwing grease into the fire, and making a fool of yourself in the process.

      Thank you, as always, for your enlightening comments…

      Love, and Light,

    2. charlene says:

      I have followed Jason’s adventure in France from his first day. He took a filthy, falling down horrid structure and worked tirelessly and loveingly to restore it to a place of beauty. He worked mostly alone, but sometimes with helpers, to remove tons of trash and debris from the grounds and replaced that with gardens and lawn. He risked life and limb restoring the roof. The love and communing he shared with the property is starkly evident. Not only has he greatly increased the property value of that specific house, but removed an eyesore from the village, earning untold appreciation from all the villagers. On his down time he helped others in the village as he was able. The value of a property is not measured merely in banknotes, but also what it contributes to your life and you to it. Under your stewardship Le Vignaud was allowed to continue its deterioration, creaping slowly towards complete death. Jason’s care, love, and hard work brought it back to life, back to good health. It is a house of beauty now and there is only Jason to thank. Jason’s dedication. Jason’s skills. Jason’s determination. It has been a wonderful transformation to behold. In another’s hands the character of the house may have been lost. He did a wonderful job and you are blind if you cannot see it. Character assassination and defamement have no place here. Gratitude and thanks for a job well done as well as encouragement for the completion are more in order.

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