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One more time, in Harmony.

“If You will it; It is no dream”
–Theodore Hertzl, State of Israel

Le Vignaud, May 2009.

Le Vignaud, May 2009.

Things have developed very rapidly over here. There’s a lot to say, but little time, and words are difficult.

It seems that I will be or will soon be leaving Le Vignaud indefinitely. I won’t go into the details of the situation (as some of you already know, to varying degrees), but will only say that this was a very difficult decision to make.

I have spend the last seven (going on eight) months of my life working towards this crazy dream of mine, and have cherished the time I have spent here. I have no regrets. It has been truly a wonderfully eye-opening experience, and I hope to have passed on at least a bit of it. I learned and progressed in many ways because of it, and I will take many lessons and discoveries with me when I go.

Without digressing further, I’d just like to thank you all simply and honestly for everything. If you are getting this letter, you have been an integral part of making this happen. Weather it comes from me, or through a friend- I acknowledge and thank every one of you for the love and support you have all shown throughout this project.

And in parting, I’d like to ask one last favor: I want to ask everyone reading this to send a postcard. Just one. One last one. Or a first one. Forward this to friends and encourage them to do the same. Write what Le Vignaud is for you (weather you were there, saw photos, or heard about it through a friend). Say thank you. Write your favorite quote. Song lyrics. Your dreams. Anything. Please.

Send it to:
11 Le Vignaud
23000 Anzeme

Thank you.

-Jason Langley

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