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Home (A Photo Study)

The Mantle, Still Sponsored by PhilbeeWhen does an empty space turn into that thing called Home?

Last November, I moved into a house I had never seen and did not intend to inhabit very long. Without realizing it, that place became home. It happened so suddenly, and when Home comes- things begin to change. No longer is the space around you simply the space in which you live. The space in which you live becomes loved. It becomes part of you. You care for it as Self; You come to know it, and you accept it faults along with its praises. The chipping paint and cracked floors give voice to memories, and the clock lives at 5:39 forever.

Then came the time when I had to leave that place I called Home. When I left that space and moved my belongings to another location, did Home follow me? Or do pieces of Home stay behind? Perhaps home is less of a stationary object or place, but rather something closer to an idea; an ever-changing cloud of objects, people, ideas, and routines that circle in and out of our daily life…

Here, I document Home: 1) Home that became such without intention, and without knowledge. 2) Home when I knew it was Home. 3) Home when it no longer was. 4) Home that becomes Home again.

When Home Becomes Home:

Every where you look, you see bits of Self.

Kitchen SinkKitchen Window The Clock, The Eggs, and Some Plates

When Home Is Home:

The Home is loved and cared for. The Home is part of Self.

The Mantle, Sponsored by PhilbeeThe KitchenKitchen Motto

When Home Disappears:

The Home is forgotten. Fingerprints remain.

The Mantle, Still Sponsored by PhilbeeKitchen Window, EmptyWhere the Clock Was

When Home Is Again:

The dust is blown away. The bits of Self resurrected and rearranged.


Where Willy Is NowTyler's Photo

Geraniums, Tyler's Photo, and Some Books

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  1. annie says:

    Home is always with you… there will always be a picture of Officer Tyler hanging on your fireplace (or anywhere else you choose to hang it) and home will always be wherever there’s a bottle of Tobasco in you kitchen… you carry your home with you… it’s not really a place….

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