Spring is Sprung... Finally.

Since the weather has been getting warmer, we've spent quite a lot of time outside working in the yard, clearing away the last of the brambles (before they start to grow again!), and even planting some seed.

  • Clean Yard
    • First Spring Bulbs
    In order to keep the nettles and briars from growing back, we had to go through the entire yard with pick axes to dig up the roots. Plus, there was so much trash buried there, there was no other way to get it all out. We found an entire door, many car parts, plow blades, a mill wheel, pots and pans, more bottles than we could count, and enough broken glass to ruin 1,984 days at the beach.  
    • Antiques... eBay anyone?
    • An innocent victim awoken
    Working with a smile. Pick-axing brightens any day... and tones those abs!

    • Doesn't she look happy?
    • Yet another pile of CRAP.
    • Oh yeah...
    Excavation of the stone wall... that we didn't even know was there three months ago.

                One of the MANY loads to the  decheterie...  It's  absolutely  ridiculous  how much crap we DUG out of the yard. And that was after we had already cleared the brambles and picked up the piles of trash that was not buried!

                • Weekly trash haul.
                The wall is coming along nicely... and the yard is looking much better. Even some greenery popping up where the mess is cleared away.

                    Putting the finishing touches on the wall and getting the yard ready for seed.

                    • Almost...
                    • Damn nice wall!
                    • Fort Knox, it is!
                    Freshly seeded yard... just waiting for some rain.

                    • Are the seeds sprouting yet?
                    • Waiting for rain.
                    • Still waiting...
                    Quite a change from four months ago!

                    • Old.
                    • And... Older?