Casa de Mama

Inconspicuous Entrance from the Street

A small room in the sky. The entire upper half of the walls is a facade of windows. We are above the whole city and have breathtaking views over the old town. At night we can see from the bed the glittering city below. All the little houses and streets, winding up the dark mountains, lit up in orange light. And in the morning we wake early with the sun. It's always summer in our little room in the sky, because the whole day the sun shines in. It keeps the room warm, so with this stored heat of the day it is a bit easier, to get by on still very cold Andean nights. A ceiling made of bamboo and elaborate decorations from plants brighten up the little room.

Garden Courtyard

An artist built “Casa de Mama” and his media were simple and borrowed from nature . This gives the house its very elaborate and detailed, but at the same time rustic charm. Our small room also has a kitchenette, so you really feel at home. Because, where you have the opportunity to cook, one can say, that you are not just a guest there. What a different feeling it would be, to visit every evening restaurants as a stranger? And for someone who lives here, the ingredients for the meal can be bought in the Market Hall every evening. I am very happy with this room. It gives me a feeling of “Arrival”. The feeling, in one place to really live in a foreign country and not just wander as spectators traveling to the places.

Panorama of Cusco Old Town

If our little room becomes too small for us, then we can simply go down one level. via a wooden staircase, we reach our “Living room”, as we like to call it. Actually, it is probably intended as a common room. However, because no one except us currently calls “Casa de Mama” refers, We have this space all to ourselves.

Livingroom at Night

Here also is a window facade, but not quite as bright, since it's located a little lower. However it's also cooler, so if it gets too hot in the bedroom we can find here relief. The living room contains two comfortable sofas and a small wooden table for meals. And to Jason's entire fortune a PC, but to his despair, a very very slowly working one.


In “Casa de Mama” there are six more rooms. All are built in multiple levels around a tree, located in the middle of a beautiful courtyard. The branches of the tree have grown around the rooms and over them, and the trunk is within reach from any level. It has thus the feeling, that we would inhabit a kind of tree house.

So here we are, arrived in Cusco and overjoyed at having such a beautiful place to call home for at least for a little while…

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4 Comments on "Casa de Mama"

  1. avatar
    01/11/2010 at 10:22 Permalink

    well, kiddo, you know I am very jealous…
    Lima and Cusco just look so beautiful (and I guess its not all your photographic bogus, Jason…) and well, exotic, sorry for using this word, but: turtles on the terrasse… And the hotel in Lima is the dream of all my favourite cinematographic stereotypes!
    Aber mal im Ernst, Lena: bekommen dir die Reiseführer nicht? Hast du zu viel Werbung abbekommen oder gar nen Virus? Willst du dich unter sie Hobbyschriftsteller begeben? Was auch immer Schuld ist an deiner verquasten Sprache und den tapsenden Wortfindungen irgendwo zwischen intellektuellem Kitsch und spiritueller Selbstfindung in der fernen Fremde, bitte pass auf dich auf, ja…?

    PS Ich sehe sehr viel Haar.

  2. avatar
    01/11/2010 at 11:57 Permalink

    Sara, I think maybe the language is strange because Lena’s postings are written in German, then they are translated automatically and we try to make some sense of them in English. Otherwise, you can read them in German in the original language and maybe they will sound better?

    Und ja, noch ganz viel haar auf Lena…

  3. avatar
    10/11/2010 at 20:02 Permalink

    I love your apartment! It looks so amazing. And I really, really like the tree house feel it gives. I told Tyler that you lived in a tree house and he just couldn’t believe it.

  4. avatar
    11/11/2010 at 00:49 Permalink

    Yeah, it’s a great apartment- It will make it much harder to leave here, even though there are so many other great places we want to travel to…

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