...And the Earth Fell Apart at my Feet

Published 18 March 2007

OH! I just realised it’s been over a week with NO UPDATES!

Sorry about that, I’ve just been crazy busy this last week, with running around working, processing photos, and social engagements! Who would have thought I’d get all caught up in ‘the real world’ again so fast? Ugh, it never ends!

Never fear, I have not been idle in my absence. I’ve gotten some great photos, and am working on getting a couple all dolled up to be printed… BIG. Yup, so anyone interested in enlargements (echo?), let me know!!!

Anyway, I just processed this today for WeeklyShot’s “Broken” theme, so I thought I’d toss it up for more critique from my faithful viewers! This shot was done in a dry creek bed in Big Bend National Park, near the Rio Grande. It was a really bizzare place to stumble upon; Really dark, and distorted. I felt like I had wandered into another world, where the underworld was merging with the world above the surface.

I go every year (at least the past three) to Big Bend, as kind of refreshment; to get away from everything and kick start my creative energy. I have to say, it really worked. I’m feelin’ those juices flowing again…

Keep looking and commenting! I love hearing from everyone!

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