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Roofing Les Verrines

September 20, 2011 – October 31, 2011

Yup, count ’em- that’s almost SIX WEEKS of roofing, and you get to enjoy it all in a matter of seconds from the convenience of your home. I know everyone has been waiting for months for this! The thing is, when you live in a house with no electricity, encoding video, editing photos, and Facebook status updates happily fade away into non-existence. You’ve all been rewarded for waiting so long though with a very in-depth and media-rich experience brought to you by the kind folks at Le Vignaud Productions. (more…)

Tiles Delivery

This was a BIG deal. I have never, NEVER in my life, spent this much money at once… Especially on something I can’t use to make photographs!

These weren’t just any tiles, either.

The story goes: Once upon a time, there was a Chateau. This chateau was built a very long time ago in a town called Jarnages. So long ago actually, that the roof had begun to fall apart! So, the French government stepped in and put up a lot of money to put a beautiful new roof on the Chateau. And of course, a chateau certainly can’t be clothed with just any old tiles! NO, a chateau must have special tiles, approved by the bureaucratic powers-that-be to conform to standards of beauty appropriate for preserving the heritage and patrimony of France! But of couse… France being France, only half of the roof of the beautiful chateau was ever finished, while the owner awaiting his FEMA check to complete the other half. (In the mean time, a certain American came along who needed some very special tiles for his own chateau. And he wasn’t going to wait for government bail-outs…)

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Roofing Round Two

Dirty Darren and Alex get together to help tear the roof off the house- once again. These photos are from back in May, but things haven’t progressed since then. Just after we began, we ran into a few problems- Money, time, injuries, Paddy… So now, three months later, the roof is still uncovered, the tarps are torn, and the rain keeps falling.

This project, along with many others is on hold indefinitely… Still, the memories and photos are there. For what it may be worth.

Dirty Darren

Dirty Darren

View from the Top

View from the Top