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Gardening in May and June

Back in the end of May I had just arrived in Les Verrines- a bit later than planned- but just in time to get going on the Garden. The rest of May and almost all of June was spent with fork in hand, breaking the hard dirt, pulling out the grass and stones, and turning the soil over again and again until it was ready for seeds… Now almost two months later, the hard work is starting to show, the sore muscles are forgotten, and the bare wet land starts to look a little greener.

I started up top, next to the house, digging and struggling to get thing planted and into the ground before it was too late! The weather was cold and wet in May which made things more difficult… The dark nights were spent alone nursing my broken back with whisky and herbal cigarettes- only to start fresh and early the next morning. It was non-stop digging for weeks on end. Finally, the ground was prepared, seeds were planted, and all that was left was to wait. Except… was one garden really enough? I mean, couldn’t we use a few more rows of beans? More tomatoes? And what about beetroot, squash, corn, and cabbages? It was clear my work wasn’t finished yet! I had to start digging again, on to Garden #2, racing against the seasonal clock…

Towards the end of June my back finally said NO, I had to give up for this year and finally sat back and relaxed in the warm, longer afternoons to watch the garden grow… and it’s starting to look GREEN.

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