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August Update

Le Vignaud in August

Le Vignaud in August

August has finally arrived here in La Creuse. Surprisingly though the weather has so far remained mild, and we haven’t gotten the typically hot summer of past years. The lake is warm though, and every other day another fruit tree is ready to be harvested is some forgotten corner of the village. I’ve done my share of collecting, harvesting, digging, and eating all of the bounty that surrounds us in this time of year…

Of particular note, is the now finally completed Dandoodlies video which describes our first attempt at dandelion wine making here at Le Vignaud. This has been in the works for over three months now – along with the wine, and now both are ready for consumption.

Added yet another super excellent stop-motion video; This one’s of the Tour de France as it passed under the Glénic viaduct on Bastille Day.

Also, Cherry Picking occupied much of my time in late May and early June, and I’ve thrown together some thoughts about those experiences as well, including, Clafoutis and Confiture.

I have literally hundreds of photos from the past few months waiting to be picked through and a few stories to go along. I hope to be able to get some of that online over the next week or so while I happened to be ‘connected’ for the moment. I will be back-dating those articles, so please check back often, or even better- Subscribe Now.

Thank you once again to everyone for your continued show of love and support- both for me and this project in general. From family to friends, to neighbors and strangers; so many people have had a hand in this. I hope this project has been and will continue to be a source of inspiration in whatever form it may continue.

Love and light,

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  1. Your photo ‘Le Vignaud in August’ is gorgeous. What a beautiful, simple garden next to such a gorgeous blue door. Just perfect.

    I have a memory of dandelion wine which I mention briefly in my post ‘Last of the Horse Paddock Pinot.’ So it’s very funny to hear you are making it. I always thought it didn’t sound very good… I’m I’m eager to hear how yours turns out!

    Last of the Horse Paddock Pinot – http://moonovermartinborough.com/2009/07/18/last-of-the-horse-paddock-pinot/

  2. Carol McGovern says:

    Hi Jason, talked to your mom Sunday. How are you enjoying your trip. It was interesting reading about dandelion wine. Never knew wine could be made from dandelions!!!! Will be keeping up with the site. Hugs love cousin Carol

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