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Summer is HERE

It’s been a long wait and after all those cold winter days, summer has finally arrived. It’s this time of year that we all remember exactly why we are here. It’s a beautiful time of year to live here, with beautiful weather and nature rewards all who are in it’s presence.

Flowers in the Front Yard

Flowers in the Front Yard

So, a few updates of possible interest for all of you out there…

  • Summer is here. The weather is gorgeous, the flowers are blooming, and gardens everywhere are full.
  • Lake swimming… happens all the time. Not for the timid, but it’s oh so wonderful for those who dare.
  • Cherries are RIPE! We’ve been picking all week long, with no end in sight. Jams, pies, and soon- Clafoutis!
  • The Le Vignaud website can be considered officially ‘live’. So watch out. There’s still plenty of kinks and things to work out as well as other planned additions and updates that will take some time to work out. I’ll be making all my updates through here from now on, so please bookmark and check back regularly.
  • YOU can get involved- Have some thoughts or photos you’d like to share? Sign up, drop a line, and I’ll make it so… author permissions all around people, no excuses. I’d love to get posts and/or photos from everyone who’s been involved so far. That means YOU! Juli has made the first guest post, and you can read her thoughts about Real French Bread.
  • I am still here. That is, I am still living at Le Vignaud. Still loving and cherishing every minute of it. I mean this in every sense that that would not have been possible without everyone out there: My friends, my family, and everyone giving their love and support. I can not give thanks enough for that support, and I would not be here still if it were not there… the response I received when I made the announcement that I was leaving was immense. I can not ignore it. I am living day by day, and hoping for the best. Thank you all for taking this ride with me.

Plenty more photos and words to come. Please take the time to SUBSCRIBE NOW, so that I can lay off the spam. You can also receive email updates if you prefer, but either way please keep in touch.

Love and light,

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